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Everest Shitoryu Karate Do

Everest Shito-Ryu Karate school was established during the year 2011 in Milton with the cooperation from Canadian Newa Guthi (CNG), Brampton, ON.

Master Surendra Lal Shrestha has a great passion and keen interest in Karate. He strongly believed that his knowledge and 25 years of experience in Karate can be best utilized in teaching this great sport to young generations as it has a great impact on children’s health and building self-esteem. One of the objectives of Canadian Newa Guthi was to promote healthly and active lifestyle among the Nepalese communities. Master Shrestha’s passion and CNG’s objective together came up with the Everest Shito-Ryu Karate School.

The Karate School started the first Karate class in February 2012 at a temple in Brampton with a few students. Later, it moved its classes to 79 Bramsteele Road in Brampton.

Since the establishment, the Karate School has been seeing increase in participation from the community. The Karate school recently competed in the provincial level tournament organized by Karate Ontario in April 14 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Two students won bronze medals.

South Asian community falls under higher risk group for heart diseases and diabetes. Our school has been targeting children and young adults especially from the South Asian communities for increased participation in this sport so that they practice healthy lifestyle and stay fit. Our school is learning that the parents are having trouble sending their children to schools like ours due to lower income. Our school has been trying to reach out to different social organizations to get help on funding for lower income parents.

Getting involved in Karate has great deal of impact to children’s lifestyle. It helps to keep children fit and keep active. Some of the known benefits are:

  • Boost self-esteem and build self-confidence
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle and reduces the risk of becoming obese
  • Helps stay fit and burns unnecessary body fat easily thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes
  • Helps to keep children away from excessive digital exposure, e.g., too much video games and/or computers
  • Brings awareness among parents due to their involvement
  • Develops discipline and focus
  • Helps to keep away from bad habits, e.g., drugs, crime, etc.

Our school is also planning to expand its coverage to Milton and Toronto in near future so that children from these areas can be benefited from the program.